به‌خێربین بۆ  ماڵپه‌ری خه‌یاڵ  ...
وينه ي خه يالي زور جوان/ \يشكه شه به خه يال


Jealousy: is what we see when a person looks at another as a figure who they want to be, they plead on becoming them or even be better than them. Usually leads to rivalry, and hate.

Revenge: mainly caused because of the harsh feeling a person faces from another person’s doing. They will act on their own behalf to repay what had happened to them the same way their feelings where hurt. The thought of revenge also leads to hate.

Irony: The feedback we get from accomplishing something that wasn’t positive, the guilt one faces with the idea of not contributing to something they love and realize what they could have had is no more.

Lust: The craving we have for love in an inappropriate way or an uncontrolled desire we have for someone. This can lead to distraction of seeing what is really not their, meaning a love that was never ours, but a love we used for our own gain not for the other.

Hate: The essential that derives the negative aspect of love. The idea to dislike intensely or passionately, or to not like what a person stands for and be completely against their state of mind is where the word hate lies. It is the point which leads us to confusions and misunderstandings of love.

مطلبي رو كه در پست قبلي(The Love Vibration)گذاشتم حتما بخونين .

اگه عاشقين عاشق تر ميشين

اگر هم عاشق نيستين معني عشقو مي فهمين .

مرسي كه بهم سر ميزنين.

The Love Vibration

Love is always the answer…love is the only thing that will endure. Money, fame, fortune, houses, lands and the like are temporary and temporal. Love, is ETERNAL. It is who I am…it is who you are too. This is what everyone seeks; this is what they pray for, even when they don’t know what to pray for.

Many are asking for things they think will help them. They are trying to answer their own prayers by asking things from me. I hear them all the time asking for this and for that. Much of it revolves around money, or a mate, or for my will, or for health and so on. It is not that I am not interested in all of these, because, I am. But, deep inside you all, there is one prayer that is unspoken and universal, the prayer that they find love.

They don’t fully realize who they are or who I am. I am love and so are they…and so are you! Love is all they need, and already possess. All they have to do is dial into it. Love is a frequency. It is the frequency of Spirit, of God. Love is the most abundant substance of the universe…it is everywhere…it is the vibration of God, and is found in all things. There is a vibration of love that permeates every cell and every universe. It is all pervading and all expansive.

This love vibration can be called upon and felt at any time. It is the most powerful substance that can be found or has ever been discovered. None of your inventions or weaponry can compare to it. It draws all unto itself. All will come to it whether they want it or not. It completes all things and all things consist of it. It is the very thing I used to create the worlds that are discovered and undiscovered. It is even part of your DNA.

You came into the world with this abundance of my love. You radiated love when you arrived. Your being was love. You learned otherwise. You learned fear, which is the absence of love. You learned to fight, and to war and to kill and destroy. You learned it from those who do not know fully know who they are. They forgot and did not remember that they came from love; they originated from love itself.

Their inner heart, or soul, tells them and speaks to them of my love always. They tune it out and play the mind-game of not knowing. Deeply they know. All creation heralds this message of my love because it is all pervasive and cannot be denied forever.

When it comes time to transition from this body many will realize this fact. Love is everywhere and in all. It is the substance of all creation and the created. Do you have to wait to transition out of human form to know this? No, all you have to do is dial in. This is absurd to the ego-driven mind, and is outrageous, because it cannot be quantified in human terms. Of course, nothing that is divine can be fully quantified as it is unquantifiable because it is the nature of Spirit...that which is non-quantifiable.

Where is love located in the body they say? I say it is in every cell, particle, and sub-particle and is the very essence of all that is you. Some say love is in the heart, and I say yes. Some say love is in what you do, and I say yes. Some say love is something everyone should have, and I agree. Why don’t you have this love you say? I say you do, all you have to do is dial into it.

You see, you are both a transmitter of divine energy and a receiver. You are always transmitting vibrations and messages to the universe…to me as God. You do this in your thoughts, in your words, your feelings, and your prayers. Most of what you transmit is non-verbal in nature. It is heard equally by Source, by God, the divine. You are also a receiver. This divine characteristic you all possess. You can transmit, or give out a signal, and your can also receive a signal, or impulse from me. So many of you have learned oh so well how to transmit a signal, or how to ask. Few of you have developed the part of you that knows how to receive.

And yet, this characteristic is available to you just as much as the other. You just do not believe that you deserve it. You have listened to the pre-programming and human conditioning of others. You have listened only to your rational mind and not the mind of God. The brain will only get you so far in this world that you exist in. It can never get you to the vibration of God, which is love. Love transcends this rational mind and is resident in every fiber of your being. The being I am speaking of is what you would call your soul or your spirit. This is the bigger part of you that is in constant connection to this divine source and supply of EVERLASTING LOVE!

You do not consider love all that important in your life. You consider learning about love more important than being love. And yet, that is who you are, because that is who I am. You cannot be anything but love, my child. That is the fiber of your being and the fabric of your life. No, love is not just a feeling, although it can evoke very strong feelings. It is more than just a word, or something expressed in a book. It is God. It is the personification of all that is God.

It is this easy…when you are feeling love, you are feeling God. God feels like love. God is Love. Anything that doesn’t feel like love is not God. All the judgment you hear about God sending you to hell is a lie too. This could not be love, so it is not God. It is made up of man to hold you into enslavement and bondage. God is Love. Where love is, God is. Where love is not, God is still there, even though not perceived. It is actually easier for you to believe in a God who judges mankind, who and will punish him, rather than believing in a God of love. One who only loves. This goes against the grain of rational thinking and is absurd to the ego-mind…nonsense.

Why is it so hard for you to believe in this God of love? Because, you think God is like you…human. We both know that most humans don’t act in love like God. So, you automatically assume that God must be like you. This is your error. This perpetuates the lie that God is something less than love. God’s love is un-conditional and without condition. Your human love is full of conditional love. Do this, and God will love you. Do that, and God will not love you. This is love based on condition, and God has no conditions for his children. He sees all as complete in His love. He only sees you in Love. He sees nothing else. Do you always behave in love? Do you always act in love? Unfortunately, not. So why don’t you? Because you have forgotten where you originated, and who you really are…pieces of me. When you pray for love you are praying erroneously because you are already love. Just be the love of who you really are. Remember who you really are. Dial into love my beloved. Receive the love, and then give it out to the world. What the world needs now, is love, sweet love. Be this love my beloved; just be the love that you are.


With Valentines Day approaching us fast , I’d like to offer a few of my views on Love.

Something I have been wondering about lately, Are the words
“I Love You" overused? When we tell someone we love him or her do we really mean it? Do we often say it to someone because we know that is what they want to hear? Perhaps we may even believe it ourselves without stopping to assess the situation first. Before telling someone you ‘love’ them, wouldn’t it be a good idea to ‘define’ just what ‘kind’ of love you are bestowing on them?

We all know there are several ‘kinds’ of love and many degrees of love within those ‘kinds’.
Perhaps you, like myself, you grew up in the ‘hippie era’ where we were taught to ‘love’ everyone. I don’t think there is anything wrong with this as long as it is realized that love does not mean ‘sex’, as I believe so many misinterpreted during that time. Unfortunately ‘free love’ has followed us up to the present time and I don’t feel it has been all that beneficial to society.
So does there seem to be some confusion or misconception as to what Love really is or means? Is there a ‘fine line’ between being ‘in love’ versus ‘loving’ someone? Within every ‘kind’ of Love there is one main element, and that is ‘Caring’. You can ‘Love’ mankind, animals, Love your neighbors, friends, and foes and with each of these ‘loves’ you will find that ‘caring’ is the basic element. Think about this for a moment, if you don’t ‘care’ first you cannot LOVE.

Ok so we agree that to Love is to Care?

This brings me to the question, how does someone ‘know’ what ‘kind’ of love you are offering them? I am referring to a male/female relationship here. Personally, I have many friends of both genders and I ‘Love’ them all. Admittedly I am very free about telling them this. I don’t find it necessary to explain to my girl friends what ‘kind’ of love I have for them, they know it is of a ‘caring’ friendship nature. What about my male friends? If it were not explained, wouldn’t it be so easy for them to misinterpret those three little words? (Although I know some would go screaming into the night if they thought for a minute I meant more than ‘friendship’, hahaha….) All kidding aside, I think it is very important to tell them exactly what kind of Love you mean in order to avoid any embarrassment or hurt feelings in the future.

I suppose a simple solution would be to never tell anyone you Love them, but how nice it is to hear those words at times and to know someone cares about you.

So does all this equally apply to online relationships/friendships? YOU BET IT DOES! I think even more so! Since in many cases you don’t have the use of your ‘other’ senses. E.g. sight, sound, touch…. You are solely depending on words. Although with the popularity of voice chat and web cams these days perhaps to some degree you can have a better perspective as to who or what is real. Personally I still would not want to depend on anything other than meeting in person to determine the depth of a relationship. I feel the safest you can say to someone online is ‘I Love You’ meaning I love what I have perceived you to be, I love your personality, your humor, your ethics, I feel attracted to you, and of course ‘I care about you’.
To claim an undying Love without meeting them physically is not safe for your mental health and I believe is all fantasy, and Yes,I am speaking here from experience
I know many who have repeatedly gone through these types of online relationships. Ok, so lets assume you have taken the relationship a few steps further, from the computer to daily phone calls, and to finally meeting in person. Has anything been left unsaid? Are there ‘expectations’ from one or both parties? Unfortunately, so often this is exactly what happens, one of the parties may have forgotten to mention they are not ‘free’ yet from a previous commitment to pursue a new ‘physical’ relationship,(the ‘online’ one was fine, safe for them and undemanding in ways that a ‘real’ one cannot be) and perhaps they are even in the process of reconciliation with their current partner. Now what? They have repeatedly used those words ‘I Love You’ and you have believed them to mean that they REALLY LOVE YOU. How Unfair! Had they been upfront and honest with you Defining the ‘meaning’ of their Love right from the start, wouldn’t all the pain and hurt and anger you are feeling now be non-existent? Or it should be. Maybe I am all wrong in my thoughts on this, it is possible I suppose for him or her to really love you but then again, if that was so, then why the hesitation to be with You and ONLY YOU?

همونطور كه مشخصه من توي كار وبلاگ نويسي تازه كار و ناشي هستم.
توي اين مدت وبلاگ هاي ايراني زيادي رو ديدم كه با موضوع " عشقولانه " مرتبط باشه
، ولي هيچ كدومشون حتي يه مطلب علمي ، تحليل ، برسي و حتي معرفي راجع به عشق نداشتند.
من قصد دارم كه اين مقوله رو با هم كاملا بشكافيم و برسي كنيم. 

توي دنيايي كه همه چيزش به سمت علمي شدن پيش ميره چرا مهمترين دغدغه بشر يعني " عشق " به طور علمي  برسي نشه ؟؟؟

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